Learning by Doing
9th October to 2nd December 2023

Hybrid Programme

warehouse personnel

CII Certified
Warehouse Kaizen

CII certified warehouse kaizen practitioner course is more than a qualification. Unlike any other Certification, this course provides accreditation jointly by Japan Institute of Logistics Systems and CII Institute of Logistics, following international standards in certification of professional competencies.



Direct transfer of practices from Japanese industry


Well structure training content


Focus on core principles


Indian and Japanese kaizen practice case studies


Interaction with fellow practitioners


Real work practice during workshop


Immediate application of learning at workplace


Enrolment and eligibility criteria

The course is organized in three modules that can be completed in 90 hrs within 3 months

This is a professional accreditation programme. Applicants shall be in supervisory or assistant managerial positions in Logistics site and must be authorised by employer.

Self-employed professionals may also apply with submission of self-employment evidence and warehouse facility access. All self-employed persons shall have minimum qualification of any undergraduate degree.


Training Details

Certified Warehouse Kaizen Practitioner course modules require considerable focus on study and practice. It follows "learning by doing" principle and therefore mandates every participant to practice key learnings in safe work environment under proper supervision. Blended course design ensures participants will receive best value through online lectures, digital forums, workshops, and assessments. The course is organized in three modules.

All participants can exchange views on the subject and share additional learning material from their experience in online course discussion forum

Course instructors will be moderators for online discussion forum