The Next Generation Supply Chain conference with the theme of "Integrated Planning, Strategy Transformation and Radical Innovation"

18-19 July 2017 at Hotel Shangri la, New Delhi

KS Syam Sundar +91-8754494552 / 044-66360314 /

About The Event

Disruptions large and small confront today's supply chains on a daily basis and organizational survival depends on the ability to anticipate, adapt and transform supply chains to deliver reliability and performance. In an increasingly connected and competitive world where global economic integration and disruptive technology places tremendous stress on supply chains, it is mission critical for manufacturing and services organisations to develop a smarter planning and more agile supply chain strategy that can meet the heightened expectations from ever-more sophisticated and demanding customers with cutting edge creativity & innovations. The Next Generation Supply Chain conference with the theme of "Integrated Planning, Strategy Transformation and Radical Innovation" tackles these challenges combining best practice benchmarking and thought leadership case studies with highlighting the enabling planning principles and futuristic strategy solutions driving supply chain improvements. At this year's conference, Chief Supply Chain Officers and their teams learn how to recognize the impacts of integrated planning, create transformational strategies that empower the organization and get the latest best practices radical innovation in supply chain management and logistics.


WOW your customers by integrated planning: the unboxing experience

  • Mastering complexity: Planning and optimization in the digital age
  • Value Creation Through Customer Dialogue & Collaboration: Journey to Excellence
  • From Solo Artist to Group Act: Creating Global Data Standards Across Regional Sites
  • Supply Chain IQ: Engaging Today's Smarter Consumer

Advancing Sales &Operation Planning to integrated business planning

  • The Evolution of Global Supply Chain Visibility & Aligned Supply Orchestration
  • Magic Quadrant: Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation
  • Leveraging the Relationship Links in Your Supply Chain
  • Use Change Management Discipline to Drive S&OP Transformation

Developing and Cascading an Effective Strategy Transformation in Supply Chain

  • Don't Manage Inventory - Make Design Choices, Situational Decisions and Operating Trade-Offs
  • Designing Service & Cost Strategies to Meet the Needs of Multichannel
  • From Concept to Reality: Designing Logistics Strategies to Conquer the Digital Age
  • How Supply Chain Can Partner for Improved Product Portfolio Performance

Radical innovations to support the supply chain of the future

  • Supply Chain Optimization or Innovation? Both Need Integration
  • Beyond the Hierarchy: The Future of Organizing Your Supply Chain
  • Stop Searching for the Wrong Supply Chain Talent!
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain to Revolutionize Decision Making

Future Supply Chains for the Tax, Digital, Automation Era and Beyond

  • Journey to Dynamic Algorithm-based Supply Chain Planning
  • Stop Thinking Micro, Transform Your Supply Chain with Macro-optimization
  • The Next Frontier: Prescriptive in Supply Chain for the Non-Data Scientist
  • Strategic Outlook for Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Business Intelligence Across Your Supply Chain


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